• Manage Sale of Select Items. The avenues of selling may vary based upon the items to be sold. Avenues include estate sales via online auction, social media sales, coordinating with high end art auctions and assistance coordinating with refinery.
  • Sorting Household Items for Downsizing: Keep vs. Sell, Donate, Throw Away, etc.
  • Manage Donations (dispersement of bagged and boxed items to shelters and donation centers)
  • Manage Haul Away Services (mattresses, rubbish, big furniture, etc.)


  • Appraisal Report for Select Items (The fee for this service is $100 an hour. Reports can be made for insurance purposes, estate planning, probate, charitable gifting, estate tax planning and damages claims.)
  • Valuation Consults ( $100 for a one hour consult that will give the client a professional opinion of value on select items and advisement regarding the best way for clients to sell select items).
  • Provide an Inventory of Fair Market Values and/or Liquidation Values of Select Items

CONTACT HEATHER DAWSON,  Downsizing Organizer & Appraiser 303-475-7069